Dallyellup Founders Day Demo A Great Success (Check Out The Photos)

Taekwondo Central Cyclones (Demo Team) had a great performance at the Dalyellup Founders Day.

With a large amount of Little Dragons, Super Dragons, Jnr Taekwondo and thankyou to Ben Buxton
and Leadership Team Member  Ajana Plunkett & Latest Leadership Team recruit Amelia Dale.

Smaller members of the team did displays that included kicking, board breaking, flying kicks, self defence
& patterns (poomsae). The crowd was also treated to Backflip Board Break  & Sideswipe Down Kick Break
and Ajana showed amazing skill ranging from a very powerfull 3 board break, Amazing self defence and a great flying kick
as part of the team. Head Instructor Justin Warren performed a giant flying kick & a very high step up Jump Back Kick

Thanks to all that put in the training and time to help out our club, our next demo will be
Saturday 26th November at the Binningup Springfest.All level required from
Little Dragonfly, Little Dragon, Little Dragonettes, Super Dragon
Junior Taekwondo, Open Taekwondo

For training times to get involvedclick here.

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Taekwondo Central Black Belt Ben Buxton Destroys a Board with his amazing Back Flip Kick with the team watching on in amazement

Taekwondo Central Head Instructor Justin Warren Rolls Ben Buxton with A High Climbing into Rolling  Armbar During Circle Self Defence

Taekwondo Central Leadership Team Members – Ajana Plunkett Hip Throws Justin Warren during the Teens Self Defence Section

Gia Johansen & Jac Austin demonstrate self defence during circle self defence

Jac Austin demonstrates a Turning kick with Ajana

Wade Morton smashes a board with a powerful Palm Strike

Justin Flys


  1. Ajana Plunkett says

    I love the Photos!!! 😀
    I had so much fun and it was a great success!!
    Im a good photographer 🙂
    Sorry justin for the kick to the chest! xx

    • They are great photos Ajana, thanks for sending them to me
      As for the rib kick. hmmmm. Im sure Ill recover
      Thanks for getting involved. We all had such great fun.

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