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We want to make things fair!
Why shouldnt a person who trains more be rewarded with faster belt grading opportunities?

They train more
They gain more experience
They are more disciplined
They are more dedicated to training

Well if you are one of these people, we want to reward you


Should you make the decision to up your progress you will need to be willing to train
3 – 4 times per week for a Taekwondo Member
2 – 3 times per week for any Little or Super Dragon

Should you make up the required skills level and have gained enough training experience by the
Mid-Term Grading date. You will get the chance to grade for a belt.

Our grading system has always used an experience & skill based grading requirement. It ensures the muscle memory is built enough to make the skills usable
If you are a person that enjoys moving faster, gaining quicker and pushing your ability.
Well up the training and you will be rewarded

Required Attendance Level for Mid-Term Grading will be allocated on your Experience Book
Mid Term grading will be held on a Sunday at ASHS Gym in Australind

fast track

To trial our new TAEKWONDO CENTRAL FAST TRACK SYSTEM, during Term 3 we are opening the system up to

Little Dragonflies
Little Dragons
Super Dragon
Paragon Dragons

We are going trial the Taekwondo equivelent during term 4

A student who is injured can catch up if they needed to to take time out
The more determined can now feed their determination

Make this Term a  FAST TRACK TERM and earn 2 levels in 1 Term

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