FASTTRACK Term 4 grading numbers quadruple from Term 3

The FASTTRACK grading was designed for one thing. Reward the disciplined, and why not? I think its fair and encourages people to step up and become greater martial arts just through greater hours of experience

Term 4 FASTTRACK numbers increased up 4X as the more dedicated student has realised their is reward for effort. From Yellow Dragon up to probationary Blackbelt. from ages 4 to 40’s.

The Lesson = If you strive for a higher level, put in the effort and commit yourself, the reward is at the end, not just in level but greater health and personal satisfaction for life

Head Instructor Miss Ajana Plunkett Striper Up Melanie Buhlman after passing her grading -

Melanie Buhlman gets “Striped Up” by Taekwondo Central Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett.

The highest belt that can be achieved before black belt is Cho Dan Bo, The probationary Black Belt level is the sign of adaptability of skill. gaining enough experience to turn “Drills into Skills”

We would like to congratulate Australind Family Class, Melanie Buhlman. Mel has attained her probationary level black belt at the FASTTRACK grading and at a high level also. Mels level is such a great example of what can be attained if you commit, push yourself, and don’t sit where 90% of the population sit watching life go by.

Mel you are a champ!!  Its the home stretch

(Full List of all students will be up very soon)


Ajana Plunkett (Head Instructor with Melanie Buhlman after grading for Probationary Black Belt. -

Taekwondo Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett stands with student Melanie Buhlman after passing her Cho Dan Bo Belt at the Term 4 FASTRACK grading

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  1. Kelly Platts says

    Mel – you’re a LEGENDARY SUPER STAR!!! Such an inspiration and support to all around you! 🙂 🙂

  2. Melanie Buhlmann says

    Thank you for the kind comment Kelly, I am looking forward to watching your belt getting “striped up” with black tape very soon too!

    Cho Dan Bo level would not have been achievable for me without the encouragement of my unbelievable team Gary, Rebecca and Eric, without the solid support of my family & taekwondo-friends or without the unparalleled inspiration provided by the TKD Central instructors. Thank you all!

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