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CORE - Taekwondo Central


Core is among one of the best training tools you can have
If you have an internet connection then you can practise, or revise
your whole grading examination, put into 3 min film clips by
Master Justin Warren & Mrs Melissa Warren

We cover

All Poomse (Patterns)
Film Clips Covering All The Basics To Get Started
Over 50 Kicking Techniques
Over 50 Freestyle Techniques
Over 25 Sport Taekwondo Moves
Over 50 Self Defence Techniques
Advice & Tips on your training

Its a great way to get through the harder parts of the syllabus, or learn your pattern quicker
with both front & back views so you can do the pattern with a Taekwondo Master
Improve your level quicker, speed up progress, make use of spare time.

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Our CORE System is only 29.95 per term (Thats equivelent to just $3 per week)
for this extra training technology. This technology is only for Taekwondo Central Members
So log in and get started on this great new training tool

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