Master Justin Talks About The Book That Changed His Life – Picton Primary School Book Week

Master Justin Warren with Angus 7 Angus at the Picton Primary Book Week talk


I was very fortunate to be invited to Picton Primary School for Book Week based with an Olympic Theme. It give me a chance to talk about a book that inspired me to pursue the the life path of living my martial arts for life

“The Book Of 5 Rings” – Miyomoto Musashi

I just wanted to say thankyou to the staff and students at Picton Primary for allowing me to share my passion of reading with so many young (and older minds) and the importance of reading books in the world of the computer age

I was so happy with the warm welcome, the many students that spoke to me, and the fantastic encouraging comments parents & teachers said to me. Its a memory that will last a long time for me

I would like to thank
Principle Micheal Thomson, Emma Holtzhouser and my 2 Super Dragon students Angus Holzhouser and Angus Denton who both smashed a pine board in front of the whole school. “Very Impressive Boys”

I am a true lover of reading books and Im so happy that my passion for what I do had a positive effect on so many people

Master Justin with Angus & Angus and Picton Primary Headmaster Micheal Thomson  after the book week talk -


Thank you letter - Picton Primary Book Week Talk -

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