Master Justin Warren Celebrates 25 years In Martial Arts By Being Selected As Australian Team Trainer For Jnr World Championships

Taekwondo Central Head Instructor Justin Warren achieved a milestone in his own Taekwondo Career by being called up as coach at the next 2012 Junior World Championships in Egypt.  Justin was considered for the position after student Jayme-Lee Smith made the Australian Team and with the past achievements of Jasmine Klumpp (Australian & Commonwealth Taekwondo Champion) adding to his selection.

Master Warren adds to the milestone with his own personal 25 years of Martial Arts anniversary coming up just after Easter. He walked into a Taekwondo school at 15 yrs of age wanting to learn to protect himself from a bully. That moment ended up being the biggest changing moment of his life and has shaped his character and living ever since. That day Justin found his life purpose.  One day can change your life!

Justin is a very proud Australian. He represented his Country during his Taekwondo Sparring Days and is now to represent Australia as a coach, which he sees as a huge honour.  To earn the spot during the same time as his 25 years of martial arts just makes it sweeter. Justin feels that he is very lucky to have the opportunity and very thankful.  Master Warren is a life long student of the Martial Arts

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