The Mortal Mouse Is Born – Kristy Hitchens Story Picked Up By Australian Womens Health


The story by Kristy Hitchens first published on the Taekwondo Central webpage on
Why Taking Up Taekwondo In My 40’s Was The Best Thing I Ever Did
has had a huge response and has been picked up by Australian Women’s Health Ónline Magazine where her story has been published

Click Here for the Australians Women’s Health Article.
Click Here for the original Taekwondo Central Story Link

Lucas & Kristy Hitchens -

With Taekwondo Instructors world wide are directing people to the story as a source of inspiration and many 40+ women and men being inspired to take up the challenge,

Kristy (Mortal Mouse) has had responses from all over the world tallying over 6500 shares off the AWH Facebook page. Her story has inspired thousands to get of their backside and try. Its not hard. You may like it! Like Us. WE LOVE IT!!!!

Sensing the feeling she is helping, Kristy is now doing a blog that you can follow her progress and views on bringing Taekwondo into your life. Its being well received and perhaps it can be part of your own journey to black belt and beyond. Its an interesting read and I know you’ll enjoy a students point of view from the inside.

cropped-three-mouse-bannerThe Mortal Mouse –

We Love having Kristy as part of the ever growing Taekwondo Central team. Learn The Art – Live The Passion

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  1. Wow Kristy – I could not commend you more for your courageous bravery to share your Taekwondo experiences with the world through your exquisitely written blog.

    You are making a real difference to so many people – it is inspiring and amazing to see!

    I am super keen to read more about the Taekwondo adventures of the Mortal Mouse, please keep writing!
    I am hooked 🙂

  2. Rebecca Collis says

    You go Kristy! How awesome is all this? Keep up the amazing work, you know you’ve got our full support 🙂

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