Riley Divitini Stars At Busselton Primary Childrens Personal Safety Talk

Riley Divitini show his sucessfully broken board

Busselton Martial Arts Enthusiast Riley Divitini showed some impressive skills successfully breaking a pine board as part of the Childrens Personal Safety Talk held by Busselton Taekwondo Central Head Instructor – Master Justin Warren.

Riley Divitini Breaks The Board

Riley was suprised when told by his instructor, as part of the the talk he was going to step up and smash through the board to show his ever increasing power. Master Justin Warren was confident he would have no troubles as he is a regular training member at Taekwondo Centrals Busselton class and also makes the trip to Bunbury once per week, proving how dedicated he really is. Riley knowing how to strike correctly snapped the board in half on the first attempt

Master Justn Warren finished the talk by also demonstrating a correct mindset and smashed through 5 roof tiles with a punch.

Master Justin Warren Lines Up The Tiles

Successful Tile Break By Master Justin Warren

The Childrens Personal Safety Talk is designed to give children the basics to take responsibility for their own safety for times when parents cant be there. Its covers everything from not looking like a victim. simple self defence and where to get help. These skills have been successfully tested when in the past, 2 of our young members escaped real life abduction attempts in which they both escaped

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