Sunday Blitz

STARTS Sunday 1st August 


Black Belt Master Class – (Any Black Belt)

Advanced Training For The Black Belts.
Covers Sub-Grading Syllabus Techniques plus
Pad Work and Advanced Drills to build a higher usable skill level

Sparring Class – (Any Student 9yrs – Adult)

Well provide the chest and head guard,
You bring your mouth, shin. arm, and groin protector.
Come and have a go at Olympic Style Sparring

Black Belt Dan Grading Class – (Cho Dan Bo + Black Belts)

For all wishing to pass their next Dan Grading under Taekwondo Ohdokwan at the end of 2021
To earn your place to grade in front of the Grand Masters.
Its time to start the journey to your next World Recognised Dan Belt Level

1 class = $15
2 classes = $30
3 classes = $40

Cash Only Classes


Sunday Blitz

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