Taekwondo Central Instructors & Leaders Join ECU Nurses for Sports First Aid Course

Thanks to Bunbury St John Ambulance Centre & Melanie Buhlman of ECU & Taekwondo Central,
We were given a great opportunity to improve skills by attending a first aid course that was sports related.

Ajana Plunkett, John Crawford, Luke Crane, Kelly Platts, Rebecca Collis, Melanie Buhlman & Gary Veljacich all represented the club at the event

The course included basic life support with the DRSABCD action plan where we resuscitated and defibrillated the mannequins. Adapting the recovery position to a person with suspected head, neck and/or spinal injuries, applying splints, slings and pressure bandages to each other so the we became familiar with immobilising sprains, strains fractures, dislocations and managing a severely bleeding wound.  Epi-pens to treat allergic reactions were also covered, with an emergency action. plan for asthma attacks and learned what to do if a person gets winded or faints.

Also included were first aid treatment of eye and dental injuries as well as choking on a foreign body, such as a mouth guard.

Sports Injuries - Instructors & Leadership Team With Certificates - Ajana Plunkett, Luke Crane, Kelly Platts, John Crawford - www.tkdcentral.com

  Ajana Plunkett (Head Instructor) , Luke Crane (Leader), Kelly Platts (Assistant), John Crawford (Instuctor)


Sports Injuries - John & Ajana - www.tkdcentral.com

 John Crawford & Ajana Plunkett


Sports Injuries - Gary & Mel - www.tkdcentral.com

 Gary Veljacich treated by Mel Buhlman


Sports Injuries - Luke Crane - Looks Painfull Luke!!!

 Luke Crane


Sports Injuries - John Crawford - Looks Sore John - www.tkdcentral.com

 John Crawford


Sports Injuries - Kelly & Rebecca

 Kelly Platts & Rebecca Collis


Sports Injuries - Ajana Plunkett & John Crawford - www.tkdcentral.com

Ajana Plunkett & John Crawford


Sports Injuries - Taekwondo Central Team with ECU Nurse Graduates - www.tkdcentral.com

Back Row = Bec (Registered Nurse), Lee (Registered Nurse), Kelly (TKDCentral), Luke (TKDCentral), Ajana (TKDCentral), John (TKDCentral), Gary (TKDCentral), Rebecca (TKDCentral)
Front Row = Verity (ECU Nursing), Nicola (ECU Nursing), Nicole (Registered Nurse), Melanie (ECU Nurse Lecturer & TKDCentral)

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