Taekwondo Central Sparring Team wins 8 Gold, 4 Silver from 11 competitors at WA State Championships

Above – Zoe Brown shows her 2 trophies for 1st place

Taekwondo Centrals assualt on the WA State Taekwondo Championships was a great success for the sparring team winning 8 Gold, 4 Silver with Zoe Brown leading the way taking out 2 Gold in Black belt & Red belt divisions in her weight group

The sparring team success is a great reward for the many putting in the hours of training and the hard work of Melissa Warren, Jasmine Klumpp & Jake Klumpp. with a special mention to Jake Klumpp using his experience to coach with Justin for the great result

Most memorable moments for the team were Zoe Brown winning Double gold,  including winning the Blackbelt division (Zoe is still a Red Belt) and Liam Heidt &  Jayme-Lee Smith who dropped their opponents with well timed kicks to the head guard, both went on to raise the gold tally, Connor Peterson for a great silver medal who as a red 1 stripe beat a blackbelt and placed 2nd in the blackbelt division and Chris Guy who fought an under 18 competitor (though Chris is only 13) through agreeing to a catch weight due to both competitors not having a division, put in one of the most gutsiest efforts seen in a long time. Well done team

Sparring Gold
Zoe Brown (2) Liam Heidt, Jake Radford, Chloe Wild, Blake Shanahan, Bradley Yates, Jayme-Lee Smith,

Sparring Silver
Chris Guy, Connor Peterson, Jake Klumpp, Jordan Radford

Patterns Silver
Ajana Plunkett (2), Chris Guy,  Jayme-Lee Smith

Patterns Bronze
Maya Smith (2), Maeve McNulty,  Chloe Wild, Jayme-Lee Smith

Taekwondo Central will now put a small team of beginners into the 2011 Mr Shin Boo Kim Memorial Championships, good luck to Aaron Mernilo, Maeve McNulty, Danielle Suckling, Aiyana Morris, Dylan Morris, Luke Smith,Nicolas Wilson, Jordan Radford & Jake Radford.

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