We’re Adding Friday Training In Bunbury! Check Out The Classes

Friday Training Pic

This Term we are adding in some classes to help our members,

We previously haven’t accepted KidSport Vouchers, but due to request we are now going to have a trial class for 5-8 years on Friday. An extra combined class of Little Dragons / Super Dragons class, This will help disperse numbers of our very popular dragons program and will give a 3rd option for kids to train.

Bunbury Taekwondo Central hasn’t had a Family or All Ages class so we are now giving Mums & Dads a class they can train with their child or children to enjoy the bonding martial arts can give a family

With up 19 looking at black belt as their next grading and many already black belts earning the right to grade for their next level, We are giving a timeslot for the pure purpose of passing the Taekwondo Ohdokwan standards of Traditional Grading and earn a World Recognition from Korean Taekwondo World Headquarters, The Kukkiwon. It may be our biggest number attempting this grading to date

Term 1 – 2016 – Friday Timetable

4.30 – 5.30 – Kidsport Little Dragons (For Using Kidsport Voucher Through DSR)
+ Little / Super Dragons Combined Class (5 – 8yrs)
5.30 – 6.30 – All Ages Taekwondo (9 – 65 yrs) + Black Belt Dan Grading Class (All Ages)

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