Who Knows How To Escape? Our Seminars That Educate. Check Out The Photos

How To Escape - Our Team“How To Escape” was the theme of our second seminar and like our first Seminar the response has been huge.

Thank you to the many sms and email messages. Its really encouraging to see the positive feedback. My goal is to deliver them a positive teaching environment to learn about a not so positive and sometimes scary subject.
I think you like me can agree that kids personal safety and kids martial arts are related but also different.

Kids martial arts are teaching how to use physical moves combined with strategical thinking to overcome an enemy or opponent (In the case of sport). It takes years and thousands of repititions to develop these skills to an instinctive level
Our kids personal safety is based on defence being a predator and it doesnt always mean stand up and “biff” it out with an attacker. We have many defences from posturing to loud talking, in the end no confrontation is he goal for a child.
Escape is what its about and our seminars cover this side.

Check out some of the picks below


 Lets Warm Up. The second class lines up for a warm up

Taking in the lesson. The patience badge in action.

Running Stratagies To escape

Different Escapes

Quick!! Run!!

Warm Up Team.

Taking in the lesson


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