Your Week 6 Training Options – 1st June to 7th June – Outdoor & Indoor Classes On Offer – Book Now

With a week of nice weather approaching and 2 venues available to us.

With Eaton Rec Centre granting us use of the Fitness Room on our usual Thursday time,
Eaton Softball Pavilion room will now be unavailable for 2 weeks due to it being used for school exams.
We are hoping as lifting to phase 3 restrictions set on June 6th will allow us greater access to our previous venues providing it is safe to do so

Dalyellup Community Centre will now hold regular Tuesday & Thursday classes until the end of term after our Covid-19 plan was accepted,
Thankyou to the Shire of Capel for this opportunity. We are asking students from Dalyellup to book in for the last 4 weeks of term (June) to help us secure the venue
To book into Dalyellup – Click Here to find how to book your place and current booked in students.

Up To Date Booking For Our Day Classes

If you still wish to book a spotClick Here

GREEN = Classes will run
Please check back each afternoon as we are receiving more bookings regularly


MONDAY – 1st June



TUESDAY – 2nd June

Little Dragons / Super Dragons
Near LLC – Australind
3.45pm – 4.15pm

– Dean Emerson (Australind)
– Jesse O’Çonnor (Australind)

4.30pm – 5.30pm

– Holly Warner (Eaton)


WEDNESDAY – 3rd June

Little Dragons / Super Dragons
Near SWSC – Bunbury
3.45pm – 4.15pm

Sheridan Browne (Eaton / Bunbury)
– Maxim Shevchenko (Bunbury)

Near SWSC – Bunbury
4.30pm – 5.30pm

– Mikayla Mileham (Bunbury)
– Rhiannon Maris (Bunbury)
– Jenna Snow (Bunbury)
– Thomas Yazdani (Bunbury)
– Evan Wilkins (Bunbury)

– Krystal Ritchie (Australind/Eaton)


THURSDAY – 4th June


Little Dragons / Super Dragons
3.45pm – 4.15pm

– Brayden Roney (Eaton)
– Dean Emerson (Eaton)
– Mikayla Ritchie (Eaton)
– Mason Rawlings (Eaton)
– Jesse O’Connor (Eaton)
– Allix Snow (Eaton)
– Jacinta Mcmahon (Eaton)

4.25pm – 5.25pm

– Jenna Snow (Eaton)
– Krystal Ritchie (Eaton)
– Eric Bulmann (Eaton)
– Jordan Gangur (Eaton)
– Mel Buhlmann (Eaton)
– Kathleen Sklenars (Eaton)
– Gemma Wright (Eaton)
– Joel Wright (Eaton)

– Holly Warner (Eaton)
Chris Charry (Eaton)
Shonna Charry (Eaton)
Kian Stapleton (Eaton)


SUNDAY – 7th June

Little Dragons / Super Dragons

Near ESP – Eaton
4.30pm – 5.30pm

– Trinity Best (Eaton)
– Annika Best (Eaton)
– Mel Buhlmann (Eaton)
– Rebecca Buhlmann (Eaton)
– Chris Cunningham (Eaton)
– Jackie McArthur (Eaton)
Jordan Gangur (Eaton)
David Browne (Eaton)
Glen Tyrrell (Eaton )
Rebecca Collis (Eaton)

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