Board Breaking Seminar Draws 20 Taekwondo Central Red & Black Belts

Taekwondo Centrals Board Breaking Seminar was a great success with a solid turn out

Board Breaking Seminar - Stretching -

Board Breaking Seminar starts with a good stretch

Students were taught the elements that make a successful board break which is a test of Technique, Speed, Power, Accuracy and Follow Through. Board Breaking is a crucial part of Taekwondo Gradings and can be a make or break point in the Taekwondo Black Belt Examination

Board Breaking Seminar - Kaiden Guiver Practises Push Front Kick with Ariana Lloyd -

Kaiden Guiver practises Push Front Kick with Ariana Lloyd

Thank you to Grand Master Ross Hartnett from Taekwondo Ohdokwan, we were very fortunate to attain the same boards used at the upcoming Black Belt Grading on November 26th 2017, so this was a rare chance to spend some time getting it to a high level.

Board Breakind Seminar - Melanie Buhlman smashes a Board with side kick held by Gary Veljacick -

Melanie Buhlman smashes a board held by Gary Veljacich

– Correct Breaking Technique for the main 5 kicks used for board breaking
– Correct board holding position for each kick
– Correct set up procedure for Black Belt Grading
– Using dramatics to elevate the break score

Board Breaking Seminar - Kelly Platts practises side kick board break with Rebecca Collis

Kelly Platts practises with Rebecca Collis

We had great feedback from this seminar and wanted to thank

Grand Master Ross Hartnett & Grand Master Carmela Hartnett of Taekwondo Ohdokwan
Kelly Platts for organising delivery of official breaking boards
Paul & Jo Jauncey for organising back up boards (including Cutting) Huge Job – Thanks so very much

Board Breaking Seminar - Maddison Booth demonstrates her awesome power by smashing a board held by Kelly Platts -

 Maddison Booth is all power


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