“Breaking Through Barriers” – You’ll Be Inspired To Lift

A Workshop Of Courage With A Twist Of Personal Empowerment
That Will Inspire You To Lift


Master Justin Warren - 5th Dan Blackbelt - www.tkdcentral.com

Master Justin Warren – 5th Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo 

1 Hour Workshop / Talk to help push through and break barriers, be it Home, Life, Work or Business
The Breaking Through Barriers Workshop will help lift your team to the next level

The Road to being a champion in any sport is tough,
however a champion in a combat art has the extra challenge of taking 
hits that weaken the body and mind while playing a strategical game.
All this with the overwhelming fact that a well timed strike or kick can end the competition
via a knockout.

Taekwondo Sparring at a top level is tough, its precision timing, swift agility, explosive kicking
but when your on the receiving end, it can become punishing.
It takes a certain breed to want to compete at a blackbelt level,
and an even different breed to become the best. This is a story of experience and
the passion and drive of achieving that goal comes through

Very Informative
Very Inspiring
We Broke Barriers
Lauren Sinagra – Youth Achievement Program Participant

Engaging, Interactive,
Touching / Inspirational
Life Changing
Nebraska Brooking – Youth Achievement Program Participant
So Good!

Well Structured With Great Points
Hayley Palumba – Youth Achievement Program Participant
 Master Justin Warren Breaking Through Barriers
You’ll be taken on a fascinating story of the path to become Australia’s Best Blackbelt
that includes the preparation,  facing the worlds best in first international competition
and standing face to face with the current champion with a broken bone in his foot from a previous fight
and the question to pull out and drop the dream or the painfully demanding decision to fight anyway
against the best, for 9 minutes Youll Laugh, Cringe, Gasp and Cheer as you live the journey.

Its a look into the mentality of a 100% driven fighter that folds out as an emotional rollercoaster of triumph,
lessons learned, disapointment and overcoming some very confronting challenges and decisions
that pushes body and mind to the limit and beyond.

The second day ended on the biggest high possible with Justin Warren from Bunbury Martial Arts teaching us about how to break barriers.
I was so engrossed by his story of success and what it took to get there.
His dedication and discipline to the sport allowed him to defeat Australia’s champion with a broken foot.
However the empowerment did not end there. Justin challenged us all to ……………………………………………..
I cannot describe how amazing this feeling was…………………………………………………….

Jemilla Bickerton –  Busselton Dunsborough Mail Reporter
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 The story unfolds into an  journey of learning based off the 3 martial arts principles
Strength – Technique – Spirit. Using this principle and the lessons learned
you will be shown how to use these principles to apply to your own lives
and a physical test that will require you to use it instantly.

You & Your crowd will be buzzing for days after with excitement


Ms Dawson said participants were fortunate enough to listen to a talk from Justin Warren from Bunbury Taekwondo, which was one of her favourite parts of the program.
“Justin represented Australia for Taekwondo and we heard all about his challenges and how he overcame them which were such a massive inspiration,” she said.
“He then taught us …………………………………………………………………..which was an experience I’ll never forget and never stop bragging about.”

Kiara Dawson
– Donnybrook Mail Story

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 Let Former Australian Blackbelt Champion & International Open Gold Medal Winner
Master Justin Warren take you through a journey that will inspire you to lift
and have you step up to a challenge of your own right there on the spot.


Speaker = Master Justin Warren
5th Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo (Master)
1st Dan Blackbelt Jishin Jujitsu
1st Dan Blackbelt Kawaishi Judo

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