CENTRALYMPICS – Test Your Might!!

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The CENTRALYMPICS is our club contest to find our club champions and its a time to test your skill in a controlled safe environment.

We will contest 2 events during the day

Sunday 25th August 2019
Venue – Australind High School Gym
Event Starts 12 noon

Event 1 – Patterns

(Of Own Choice)

Each entry can choose any pattern they wish
Each entry will get 1 attempt in front of judges
Each Entry will be marked on
Technique & Stances
Correct application

Event 2 – Sparring (Olympic Rules)

(With Persons of simular level & belt)

Just punching and kicking to chest guard only
Full Protective Gear Supplied
2 x 1 min rounds
Please supply own mouthguard & gloves
Each entry will only compete with competitors of simular size & level for safety

Grab Your Nomination Forms from class and have them in by TBA

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