Coya Brown is our Term 1 – Spinner Contest Winner

Coya Brown with the black fidget spinner -

Thank you to all persons who purchased a spinner and nominated in our $100 spinner contest. Profits from our Fidget Spinner Sales will now go towards medals at our upcoming CHALLENGE DAY

It was Coya Brown who topped the standing record in the last week to just clinch the $100 prize. Coya got a time of 2m.43s on his Black Fidget Spinner. Just a mere 5 seconds longer than the nearest rival but the extra 5 seconds made him an extra $100

Coya Brown takes his fighting stance -

Coya is part of the Paragon Program and a regular to our Sparring Class and all the instructor have all seen a noticeable improvement in a young man who is determined to reach black belt. He currently hold his blue belt – 1 stripe after starting his martial arts journey in Little Dragons. Coya’s favourite aspect of training is the sparring in which he isn’t afraid to mix it with the black belts showing great courage.

Keep up the great work Coya

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