Great Photos From Our South West Sports Centre Taekwondo Central Demo – 31 Photos

We all had a great time at the South West Sports Centre Open Day – Taekwondo Central Demonstration
We dedicated this demo to our Aiden Smithies (Bunbury Dragons Captain) who tragically passed away recently
Thank you to all that got involved with our training and performance.

We have some great photos from Rebecca Collis (Also trains with us), check them out!!!

Ajana & Justin Joking Around After The Demo -

Angus kicks so hard he takes out the board & almost Master Justin -

Brooklyn breaks A Board With A Side Kick

Eric & Kara work out the detail at the South West Sports Centre Open Day Demo -

Eric demonstarted Pull Away -

Eric smashes his board at the South West Sports Centre Open Day Demo -

Jaqualine Front Kicks The Board -

Jaqualine smashes her board -

Jaqualine Throws Brooklyn as [part of self defence routine -

Jessica doing a Jumping Front Kick

Jessica finishes rebecca during their self defence routine -


John Crawford Axe Kick Board Break

John Crawford Palm Strike Board Break

John Crawford Powerful Tornado Kick -

Justin lift Rebecca as part of the kids self defence routine -


Kaiden & Tai

Kaiden gets armlocked Tai -

Kaiden grabs Tai by the shirt -

Kaiden Guiver Break a board with a back kick -

Kaiden Guiver Mid-flight during tornado kick -

Kara flyes through the air with a flying kick -

Liam does a spin kick break at Taekwondo Central demo-

Liam mid flight during step up jump back kick -

Lilly stomps on Narelle as part of Circle self defence -

Master Justin Warren Smashes Roof Tiles With A Punch -

Narelle demonstartes her powerful body kick - www.tkdcentral.comNarelle with a great side kick Board Break at Taekwondo Central Demo -

Narelle with an impressive Flying Side Kick -

Rebecca fights off Justin as part of their routine -

Tyler does a great outer reap on Angus at Taekwondo Central demo -

South West Sports Centre Open Day - Taekwondo Central - Demo Team -

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