Over 75 Little Dragons & Little Dragonflies Earn Their Patience Badges So Far

Tyler & Sam Earn Their Patience Badge
Tyler Reely & Sam Watiere from Australind Super Dragons hold up their newly earned patience badges


The patience badge is to teach 1 think, your kids patience.
I was amazed to have walked into classes with children waiting
Quite & Calmly. Well Done, I am so very proud of you all.
I do believe learning patience gives you a strong defence against anxiety which is becoming more & more common in todays fast moving society

Some 75 children have earned their badge to date and have learned through example how to apply patience,
the remaining 40 or so will most probably earn theirs in the next couple of weeks.


Joel shows his well earned patience badge

Joey Platts from Bunbury Little Dragons shows the patience badge he achieved last term – ‘Great Job Joey”

This terms badge will be Respect,
good luck to all.

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