Taekwondo Central South West Multi Cultural Festival Demos 2019 – Heaps Of Pics!!


Its a great way to start our year out though it always can become a challenge as we’ve only been back in action for 3 weeks of Term 1 2019.

From Little Dragons to Black belts we kicked, punched, jumped, rolled, flew, thumped and smashed our way through our routine and it was just so much fun!
Even the Master Justin board break face pulling show.

This year we put the call out and 12 come to our call, check out the photos below. It a great day out with international foods and acts and most of all its free so anyone can enjoy it.

A big thankyou to program manager Jo O’Dea and of course all the students who supported the club as either spectator or participant. Also A Big Thankyou to Gary Veljecic for the photos.

Jesse Smashes his Dragons Board

Trinity Best & Rebecca Buhlmann Showing Knife Defence

Trinity Best With An Fantastic Flying Kick

Rebecca Collis Displays Her Strength – www.tkdcentral.com

Rebecca Buhlmann Demonstrates A Nice Axe Kick

Master Justin Warren Launches A Twin Front Kick

Master Justin Warren Demonstrating A Flying Twin Front Kick Double Board Break

Eric Buhlmann Getting The Job Done

Annika Best & Trinity Best Break Boards With Spin Kicks

Watch Annika & Trinity Smash Their BoardsClick Here

Black Belt Jy Gamble Smashes The Board With A Snap Front Kick

Chris Charry Lands A Step Up Jump Back Kick

Eric Bulmann Jumps Over Instructor John During His Flying Kick

Rebecca Buhlmann Demonstrates A Wrist Lock Throw During Knife Defence

Master Justin Shows The Bodies Reaction At Impact Point During The Tile Smash

To Watch Master Justin’s Tile SmashClick Here

Yellow Dragon Dean Takes Care Of That!! Great Board Break

Annika Best Gets The Advantage Over Master Justin

This Ones Over – Annika Best Deals With The Situation

To Watch Annika’s & Master Justin’s Full DemoClick Here

Instructor John Crawford About To Destroy His Boards

Chris Charry Fly’s Over An Impressive 8

Rebecca Buhlmann -Trinity Best – Rebecca Collis Demonstrate Gumgang Pattern

Trinity Best Slices Through The Board With A Spin Kick

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  1. What A Great Day – Thank You To Everybody Who Both Got Involved And Also Supported Us

  2. What a fantastic day it turned out to be.
    I was a little concerned after the first demo as there was not very many people at the festival at that stage.., but I would have to say (and I have attended every open day since the kids started which is about 5 years now) that the second demo was a massive success and I truly wish I was part of it.
    To all those that participated and supported it.., well done.
    Big congrats to you Master Justin and John for a great demo day.

  3. Ajana Plunkett says

    Loved being on the side lines and getting to watch my students for once. Was very proud of everyone! Gee our club is AWESOME!!!
    Congratulations to our demo veterans and the people who tried it out for the first time! Cant wait to be apart of the next one ??

  4. Shout outs to the support crew who stuck around all day in the hot summer sun and to Trinity and Bec on the awesome knife defence demo 🙂

    • Thank you everyone for the nice comments.

      Thank you, demos have really helped with my nerves for gradings and I would recommend you try it. It’s good fun and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  5. Thank you everyone for the nice comments.

    Thank you, demos have really helped with my nerves for gradings and I would recommend you try it. It’s good fun and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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