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Assistant Instructor Luke Crane with Remy - www.tkdcentral.com

What is Taekwondo to me?

By Taekwondo Central Assistant Instructor Luke Crane

In just two years, I have achieved with my training what takes most White Belts at least four. I have gone from just bumming around at home with no thought of EVER studying a martial art, to being an Assistant Instructor at my club. How did I do it and why? Because I’m a Father…

Taekwondo is so many things to me. It’s liberating. It’s keeping fit, staying positive, working towards goals you would have never thought achievable, and surpassing them!

Its strength to overcome your fears, to find the confidence that has always been inside you but never knew how to access or harness.

Taekwondo is exhilarating, it’s full of energy.

Taekwondo empowers you to bring out the best from within.

Taekwondo is respect, discipline, determination, courage, focus, self-awareness, self-defence and knowing how to take control over a potentially dangerous situation.

Most importantly, Taekwondo is fun, and Taekwondo has become a big part of my life.

Two years ago I would never have seen myself where I am today. I had no thoughts of even considering taking up martial arts.

But the reason I’m here now? Her name is Remy!

She’s a beautiful blue-eyed, red-headed, fiery young girl. She is wise beyond her years and she’s been doing Taekwondo with our club since she was 3-years-old.

She is my now 8-year-old daughter and she is my world.

Assistant Instructor Luke Crane with Daughter Remy - www.tkdcentral.com.

I enrolled Remy in Taekwondo 5 years ago at her mum’s suggestion – she had a friend whose daughter was also doing Taekwondo.

Back then I knew little of the sport, but I knew enough to realise this would be a great thing for Remy to participate in.

You see, Remy’s mum and I are no longer together and I could see there were some issues arising within Remy that I believed Taekwondo could help her with.

Self-confidence was a big issue. “I can’t Daddy, I can’t do it!”

So many times I’ve heard this same sentence. I’m sure all parents have.

It’s heart breaking when someone you love, truely believes they can’t do something. It’s like they’ve already given up.

Remy had difficulty focusing at times during her early training sessions. She had an eternal battle raging away inside as she tried to make sense of who she was in a life that involved moving from my house to her mum’s house, her mum’s house to my house and on and on.

It’s a cycle of confusion that can be very hard for any child, of any age, to understand.

Listening, or more accurately, her lack of listening is another issue that entwines its way into many of our battles.

It’s hard watching your child go through these emotions and hard to know how to deal with them the right way so you can help them understand what’s going on.

Taekwondo seemed like a great way to deal with some of these issues – A fun way, a positive way, a creative way.

Honestly, enrolling Remy into the Taekwondo Central Dragonflies Program has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Taekwondo has really helped Remy out with all of the above mentioned and so much more.

As I sat on the sidelines over the weeks, months and then years, I witnessed changes occurring relatively quickly in Remy.

Also during this time I watched Instructors John and Ajana grow into amazing people and absolutely brilliant instructors.

I can see now why Master Justin chose them for the roles they have taken up within his club. Their attention to detail, the love and care everyone has put in is just amazing.

And finally I watched Master Justin teaching. Watched how he keeps his students interested and focused, seeing the passion that he has and puts into his work, his club.

All of this eventually made me think. This is great, maybe I’d give it a go if there was an adult class. Why not? What is there to lose?

Low and behold there was an Adult Class and even better it was a Family Class run in Australind.

At this stage Remy had passed all her belts in the Dragonflies Program and the Little Dragons Program, she was now starting out in to the Super Dragons Program.

I decided to ask the question, could she possibly join in with the Family Program if I was to start as well?

As, by now, Remy had a lot of experience it was decided that we could give it a try and we started training together.

Remy loved it! She loved it so much.

I remember Remy telling her mum on the phone one day when we first started doing Taekwondo together. She was so excited that her Dad was doing something she absolutely loves with her.

This was no longer Remy’s Taekwondo Journey, this was now OUR Taekwondo Journey and it’s been an amazing ride.

Remy is now currently working on her grading for Blue Belt 2nd Stripe, half way to Black Belt and she is only 8-years-old.

In only two years I have gone from a newbie White Belt, unsure of exactly what I was in for, to now wearing the Cho Dan Bo Belt, a probationary black belt.

In November/December I will travel to Perth to attempt my Black Belt grading.

Luke Crain doing the Crane Kick with Remy - www.tkdcentral.com

I am also an Assistant Instructor within our club helping everyone out as much as I possibly can. But how have I graded so quickly? How have I gone from White Belt to now training for a Black Belt – 4 years of training in just 2 years?

Well I’ve worked very hard, I have been disciplined, I have pushed myself, I have believed in myself, I have completed things I never thought possible.

I just recently participated in a two week yoga challenge where I found I could keep my balance on each leg for over an hour and 2 mins.

This was organised though The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger (who just happens to be another proud Taekwondo parent training with her son within our club). I suggest you look up the page on Facebook there are many amazing articles to read.

I have done every bonus summer holiday program since I started. In the last Program I was training not only for my Red Belt 2nd stripe but also my Red Belt 3rd stripe.

This was very intense training undergone in only one month instead of the usual semester it would have taken.

I have participated in our Paragon Program. Taekwondo has given me all that I need in order to be able to achieve all of this and I have never given up because I love Taekwondo and I love my Taekwondo family.

I love working alongside Instructors John and Ajana, Master Justin, my cousin Assistant Instructor Kelly, all of the members of our leadership team.

I love that they all love working alongside me, I love helping out every one of our students.

I love that Taekwondo has given me the strength, determination and the confidence to face anything that has attempted to pull me down.

The anxieties I have faced when I’ve felt like I’m at the lowest point I’ve been in my life. Taekwondo has given me a whole new lifestyle for the better and I love that.

But most of all, absolutely MOST of all, I love my daughter Remy.

I love that we share this amazing bond together, I love that we share our love of Taekwondo together, I absolutely love that Remy is the one who introduced me to Taekwondo, just as I had introduced her to Taekwondo years ago.

Remy has given me the power to never give up and Taekwondo has helped reinforce this power in a way I never thought possible.

I encourage any mother or father to have a go! Bring your children and create a bond that will never break.

Try it out. Its’ so beneficial, truly amazing. You will love it

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  1. Wonderful insight into your journey Luke. You’re a wonderful Dad and I love having you as my as training partner. I’m so excited we will be alongside each other for our black belt grading very soon.

  2. Congratulations Luke! You’re achievements as a martial artist but more importantly as a Dad are so inspiring. Couldn’t think of better Father’s Day motivation. Beautiful story x

  3. The Unbelievables says

    Luke, your determination is extraordinary – congratulations! Good on you for sharing the bond Taekwondo training with your kid(s) can create and for encouraging parents to have a go. We wish you and Remy a successful journey together. Thank you from Gary, Mel, Becky & Eric

  4. Awesome read through Luke. Glad you and Remy have enjoyed this amazing journey together and best of luck for your up-coming black-belt grading. You’re gonna rock it 🙂

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