Counterstrike – Australind Womens Self Defence Course – 6 Week Course – Starts 2nd May 2017

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Womens Basic Self Defence Course

Date - 2nd May – 6th June 2017 -
Duration - 6 Weeks
Day - Tuesdays
Time – 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Venue – Australind High School Gym
Fitness Level Required – Low
Cost – $90 (Payment Required First Class)
Contact – Justin Warren
SMS – 0407 470 964
Email –


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 Our Counterstrike Womens Self Defence Courses & Workshops Have Been Supported By

Counterstrike Supporters

South West Womens Health & Information Centre (SWWHIC) – Waratah Support Centre – Zonta Club Of Bunbury – Bunbury Catholic College

These are workshops for Pure Self Defence, Nothing Fancy, Nothing Traditional, These workshops are about hitting fast, hard and where it hurts
Counterstrike Womens Self Defence & Empowerment Courses Will Give You These Life Saving Skills
The skills all women need to know

Womens Self Defence 198x300 Free Womens Self Defence Course

The COUNTERSTRIKE Women’s Self Defence Courses have been the South West Premier Self Defence Courses For Women,
Running Over 15 Years. The Course has trained over 1000 Women & Girls the finer points of real self defence & assault prevention
So How About You?

Devon  Mooney, Amy Brookes, Amber Hurst, Keilani Mill, Jaimi Wright, Justin Warren, Sarah Adamson, Jocelyn Brown, Shakira Marlan, Jessica Rossiter



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Empowerment Plus (6 Hours)

- 6 Week Course (6 x 1 hr)

Counterstrike Power Up
Strength Projection
Signals To Watch Out For
Tips For Home & About
Personal Defence Principles
Counterstrike Quick Strike Combo
The Body’s Weak Points
Quick Release Escapes Vs Abduction Snatch & Grabs
Building A Stronger Defence
Confrontational Skills
Pre-Emptive Striking
Counterstrike Empowerment Testing
Knock Out Your Attacker Without Striking

Sarah Wingate & Bonny Twigg

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Master Justin Warren Celebrates 25 years In Martial Arts By Being Selected As Australian Team Trainer For Jnr World Championships

Taekwondo Central Head Instructor Justin Warren achieved a milestone in his own Taekwondo Career by being called up as coach at the next 2012 Junior World Championships in Egypt.  Justin was considered for the position after student Jayme-Lee Smith made the Australian Team and with the past achievements of Jasmine Klumpp (Australian & Commonwealth Taekwondo Champion) adding to his selection.

Master Warren adds to the milestone with his own personal 25 years of Martial Arts anniversary coming up just after Easter. He walked into a Taekwondo school at 15 yrs of age wanting to learn to protect himself from a bully. That moment ended up being the biggest changing moment of his life and has shaped his character and living ever since. That day Justin found his life purpose.  One day can change your life!

Justin is a very proud Australian. He represented his Country during his Taekwondo Sparring Days and is now to represent Australia as a coach, which he sees as a huge honour.  To earn the spot during the same time as his 25 years of martial arts just makes it sweeter. Justin feels that he is very lucky to have the opportunity and very thankful.  Master Warren is a life long student of the Martial Arts

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Mr Justin Warren Passes 5th Dan Blackbelt In Taekwondo

Taekwondo Central Head Instructor recently passes his 5th Dan Blackbelt.

The examination was held at the Taekwondo Ohdokwan Academy in Maddington
Under Head Instructors Ross Hartnett (7th Dan Blackbelt) & Carmela Hartnett (7th Dan Blackbelt)

Justin had to execute Kicking Combinations, Taekwondo Traditional Patterns (Poomsae), 1 & 2 Punch Defences, Board Breaking Techniques, Self Defence Techniques, Taekwondo Sport Sparring & Freestyle Sparring.

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Training only at TKDCentral Headquarters Monday 17th October

Hi all,

Due to a student free day on the Monday 17th of October, there will be no training in Australind or Dalyellup.

There will, however be normal training sessions held at TKD Central HQ on Armitage Street in Bunbury.

We would love to see you down there!!

Kind regards

The Tkdcentral Team

Eaton Taekwondo – Eaton Martial Arts & Eaton Self Defence Training

Eaton Taekwondo – Eaton Martial Arts & Eaton Self Defence Training

Eaton Rec Centre

Eaton Little Dragonflies   (Beginner 3 & 4 yrs Boys & Girls)
3.45pm – 4.15pm
Eaton Recreation Centre

Eaton Little Dragons   (Beginner 5 – 8yrs Boys & Girls)
4.15pm – 4.45pm
Eaton Recreation Centre

Eaton Super Dragons   (Advanced 5 - 8 yrs Boys & Girls)
4.45pm – 5.30pm
Eaton Recreation Centre              

Eaton Taekwondo   (9 -55 yrs Male & Female)
5.45pm – 6.45pm
Australind High School Gym 
Tuesday & Thursday
(Australind Is A Family Class)

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6th February – Alternative & Express Grading Dates & Times For Taekwondo Central Members

Our Second Chance Grading &
Our Summer Holiday Express Grading
will Commence
Sunday 6th February
Taekwondo Central HQ

 2 Armitage St, Bunbury
2.00pm              =   Little Dragons & Super Dragons
3.00pm              =   Taekwondo Yellow Belts
4.00pm              =   Taekwondo Blue Belts
4.30 – 7.00pm   =   Red Belts & Cho Dan Bo’s (Includes Weapons Seminar +$25)
(Grading Envelopes will be waiting for all who signed up fpr January Summer Program)
(Alternate Grading Have already recieved envelopes)
To Register for Alternate Grading
(Not  January Summer Holiday Program  Express Grading – We  have your information already)
Please Book Your Place at HQ
at the Welcoming Counter

Book via email
(Please Put “2nd Grading”)
in the Subject Box

 just type
Your Name
Your Belt Applying For (eg Yellow 2 Stripe)
Your Club
(eg Dalyellup Little Dragons)
(Please bring your grading envelope on the day)


Our Club Champion Becomes Our 200th State Champion since 1999

Dalyellup Taekwondo Central’s Ross Delport took the club honour and the $100 prize for winning the achievement for himself and Taekwondo Central.

Ross was part of a team that returned with 14 gold from the competition. Ross was certainly the leader winning every event possible at the Titles. After receiving gold in the Creative Poomsae Competition, Ross the backed it up with winning the Traditional Poomsae and finalized up with some impressive sparring which saw him dominate every competition in his Black belt Division.

“Ross wasn’t named our club champion for nothing” said Taekwondo Central Head Instructor Justin Warren. “He is a consistent top performer at every competition he enters, from local to international”

It’s great to see one of the clubs all time best pass through this club milestone. He’ll be a name to remember for the future.

Current Taekwondo Central Club Champion took out 3 State Titles to become the club 200th. (Our total now is 201)

Our Family Australian Taekwondo Champions

Recently in Melbourne, Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA) held the Australian Taekwondo Championships. Jake Klumpp (16), Jasmine Klumpp (17) & their mother Lorelle Klumpp  (40+) each won an Australian Taekwondo Championship in their respective Blackbelt divisions

The martial arts family travelled over the weekend with father & husband Craig Klumpp and Coach Justin Warren to contest Stage 1 of the Olympic Trials for 2012 and the 2011 World Champions.

Teams for the Oceania Championships held in New Caladonia (December 2010) & The Commonwealth Championships held in India (February 2011).

In this Australian Team Selections on the Saturday, Jasmine earned a silver & Jake placed third. Jasmines performance earned her a spot on the Australian Taekwondo Team to contest the Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships in India.

Taekwondo looks be included in the 2014 as an Official Sport of the Commonwealth Games.

All of us from Taekwondo Central would like to congratulate Lorelle, Jake & Jasmine and wish Jasmine the best of luck in the upcoming international event.

6 Week Taekwondo Basics For Women Class

Eaton Recreation Centre * Thursday Nights * 7.00 – 8.00pm, Starts 21st October

A 6 week course on the Basics of Taekwondo will starting in Eaton on  21st October until the 25th November at the Eaton Recreation Centre (Thursday Nights) for any women who wish to try out the martial art

The class is for women of any fitness level, even if you don’t exercise, we can help you get the most from Taekwondo. Classes will cover blocks, punches, kicks, joint locks. It’s a great chance to try Taekwondo for yourself and follows with an opportunity to join up at discount rates

Blackbelt Taekwondo Central Instructors, Justin Warren, Melissa Warren & Lorelle Klumpp will safely guide you through the finer points of developing self defence & martial arts skills and enjoying the many benefits our martial art can bring you and your life.

At only $30 (That’s half price) and you can book a spot through:

South West Women’s Health & Information Centre (SWWHIC)
Phone: 97913350

Due to limited training space, book now.
We can only allow a limited amount of women